Where are your clothes made?

Mabookids is a small family business from Germany. With the exception of our knitwear collection, which is manufactured in a select small factory in Portugal, we make every single piece with lots of love and by hand in our own four walls.

Order deadline and reference number for your payment

When you complete your order, you will be shown a four-digit order number (starting with # and four digits - e.g. #1234). It is essential that you provide this reference when making your payment. Otherwise, your order and payment cannot be automatically reconciled in our system and in case of doubt, your order will not be recognized and will be canceled during the next accounting process due to a lack of assignment.

How long does it take to process my order?

As a small family business and handmade label, we only make all garments by hand after an order has been placed. We need between 10-21 working days (Monday - Friday - excluding weekends and public holidays + shipping) to produce your order.

Will I receive a confirmation of payment?

You will not receive a confirmation of receipt of payment from us. Of course, we can check on request and confirm receipt of payment.

You will receive an automatic payment reminder if payment is still outstanding after 7-10 days. If you do not receive a message, you can assume that we have received your transfer and that we will process and ship your order within the deadlines (see point - how long does it take to process my order?).

Which shipping service providers do you work with?

We generally work with of DPD Deutschland GmbH.

As soon as your package has been picked up by DPD, you will automatically receive a tracking email for shipment tracking.

Nationally, DPD needs around 2-4 days for delivery from the time it receives your parcel . You can track your parcel live and also manage it (e.g. give permission to leave it there, or redirect it to a parcel shop or neighbor...)

For non-EU countries, the service provider may vary depending on the delivery time and shipping costs. Please note that in the case of non-EU countries and certain import borders, additional customs fees may apply. These are to be borne solely by the buyer.

Different processing times - When will I receive my order?

If you place an order with multiple items that have different processing times, the longest processing time of 18 - 21 working days from receipt of payment always applies.

Where do the materials come from?

We select our fabrics with great care and source them exclusively from certified dealers in the EU.

We already have the majority of our fabrics produced in Portugal according to our specifications. In the long term, we plan to produce only our own fabrics, but we currently lack suitable storage space.

All of our printed fabrics are designed by ourselves and are also printed by a certified partner in the EU. The fabrics are organic and the colors are made from natural ingredients and are particularly gentle on children's skin.

How do your clothes fit?

Our clothes usually fit true to size.

When placing your order, please always take into account the specified processing time for your size selection.

A size guide is available on our website as a guide. Feel free to take a look here.

If you have any questions, please send us an email.

Shipping to Switzerland possible?

Shipping to Switzerland is only possible via external service providers (e.g. the MeinEinkauf platform). These providers will take care of the onward shipping to Switzerland for you, including customs clearance and taxation, for a fee.

Can I also return an item?

You are welcome to return unworn and unwashed/treated items with labels in the original packaging to us within 14 days of delivery. For more information, see the cancellation policy and the General Terms and Conditions - Section 12. Returns/Exchanges .

Basically, we would like to ask you to only order items of clothing that you will keep (no selection orders). If you have any questions about sizes, etc., we are happy to help and advise you.